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Boston Car Donation

Right now car donation in Boston is going on a rise. Due to a study which was published last February 2009, it was found that some charities who actually rely on advertisements for car donation only get roughly about 7% of the amount that these advertisers get from selling the car as well as the other parts of the car. Furthermore, there is an institution called the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) makes their own advertisements in order to get people to donate their car to charity. According to an investigative crew, it was stated that this institution actually have better ways of maximizing the donation dollars which are generated from all the different car donations. MARE makes use of all the car donation funds in order to look for adoptive families for the children who are in foster care. In partnership with Route 128 Used Auto Parts and Sales, MARE splits the proceeds from whatever amount they are able to generate from selling the vehicles as well as their parts.

In Boston alone, there are many different charitable institutions who are involved in donate a car programs right now. Here are some of the institutions with their address and contact numbers:

1. Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE)
Address: 45 Franklin Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
Toll Free Contact Number: 1-800-882-1176
This institution focuses and makes the custody of children in Massachusetts Department of Children and Families as their priority. The children are usually between the ages of six years old and up, whether they are sibling groups, even children with physical, emotional, as well as intellectual challenges. MARE is also known to tailor their recruitment activities in order to meet the different needs of a particular child.

With regard to their vehicle donation program, MARE was able to form a partnership with Route 128 Used Auto Parts and Sales which is found in Waltham, MA. In their partnership, they are focused on the recycling of the different vehicles which are donated to the program which has already been established by MARE through the years.

This program will allow you to be able to help you avoid all the costs as well as time that you will be spending in trying to sell your car. With the help of Route 128 Used Auto Parts and Sales, they are the ones who process all the car donations in order to maximize the donation gains by helping in limiting the administrative costs for such process. After the vehicles have been processed, MARE will receive the highest percentage of liquidated vehicle. All the funds which MARE receive from Route 128 Used Auto Parts and Sales are then used in order to provide for the different programs and services which will help in looking for adoptive families who are living in foster care.

As for tax deduction, you are able to receive tax deduction for your donation. For more information, contact and consult with your tax advisor.

2. The Arc of Massachusetts
Address: 217 South Street, Waltham, MA 02453
Contact Number: (781) 891-6270
This institution is comprised of about 20 different organizations all across the state of Massachusetts has already opened and launched its new Vehicles Donation Program. All the different chapters of The Arc has aready started to accept charity donations in order to support the different community services as well as the advocacy in behalf of the individuals who are said to be experiencing developmental disabilities. Most of the donations which are actually utilized in order to assist the different individuals in the community.

Once you donate a car you will be able to get the benefit of tax deductions in compliance with the law called American Jobs Creation Act of 2004. This donation then allows the donor to complete the donation process over the Internet, except for the process involving the need for you to mail the title of the car. The Arc allows for free nationwide pick-up for all the car donations which will be processed. Furthermore, all proceeds will go directly to The Arc which then provides them with the maximum benefits that they can get.

3. The Arthritis Foundation
Contact Number: 800-905-4931
The Arthritis Foundation is said to be the only national non-profit organization which prioritizes in supporting more than 100 arthritis types as well as other realted conditions. It is also the largest which funds over $380 million researches ever since it was founded in 1948. Right now, this institution was able to start a program called "Autos for Arthritis" which allows them to accept the different donations on cars, boats, RV's, trailers, vans, trucks, fleet vehicles, as well as watercrafts. They are open to any type of donation whether it is a functioning vehicle or not, but always take note that the condition of your donation will also affect its market value.

Boston Travel Guide
As for the tax benefits that one gets from a car donation, the new rules of the IRS state that tax deductions from the different vehicle donations are based on the selling price of the vehicle that you donated. These are only some of the institutions which welcome people who are open to donating vehicles to charity.
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